On Feeling Stuck & How Therapy Helps

In my time meeting with new clients, I often hear some variation of this shared: “I don’t know…I just feel stuck.” This experience of feeling stuck leads many people to consider and potentially try therapy.  I have a hunch that at some point most people find themselves in such a place… But what does itContinue reading “On Feeling Stuck & How Therapy Helps”

Noticing Vs. Judging Your Feelings [ A More Compassionate Way ]

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they may seem.” ~ Ann Frank I have a paper tucked away in my office drawer that I like to pull out every once in a while with clients. On it you’ll find a list of several dozen “Feeling Words” – each listed underContinue reading “Noticing Vs. Judging Your Feelings [ A More Compassionate Way ]”

Meeting as Equals: The Value of Person-Centered Therapy

In an earlier post, I discussed the counseling style I adhere to: person-centered therapy. Today, I’d like to share a short video clip from an interview with the founder of person-centered therapy, the late Carl Rogers.  To me, his thoughts at minute 1:20 & 3:00 highlight the essence of this particular psychotherapy style. “I think thatContinue reading “Meeting as Equals: The Value of Person-Centered Therapy”

Why Counselors Welcome Silence in Session

I have found that people often hold one of two fears about counselors: (1) Counselors exist to tell me what to do and what not to do. (In essence, the belief that counselors exist as advice-givers i.e., An extension of your parent, spouse, or boss.) (2) Counselors just sit in silence, nodding, and writing notesContinue reading “Why Counselors Welcome Silence in Session”

When You Change…

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~ E. E. Cummings I recently went to the beach with my family. We returned to an island we hadn’t visited in many years. Being back there – a place of my childhood summers – granted me that lovely nostalgic feeling of returningContinue reading “When You Change…”

Embracing the Elephant in the Room [ My Heart for Psychotherapy ]

You simply cannot ignore an elephant in a room, especially not in a small room.  Well, you can for a time. Maybe you take special precautions to sit in the corner of the room, furthest from its large flopping ears and gray trunk. Perhaps you cover your ears when it lets out a shrill trumpetContinue reading “Embracing the Elephant in the Room [ My Heart for Psychotherapy ]”

Counseling Q and A

So, in the beginning of last week I shared a post [ Questions ], in which I prompted readers to ask any and all questions regarding counseling [i.e. the process, purpose, risks, rewards, etc. ]. While I may not have received many questions, the two that I got were fantastic. Question #1: What makes counseling anyContinue reading “Counseling Q and A”


Hi friends! I would love to provide a Blog Post where I address any and all questions people may have concerning Counseling [ the purpose, process, risks, rewards, etc. involved ]. Please feel free to email me at lminear@eastwestpsych.com or comment in the Contact Me page with any questions! I will be responding via theContinue reading “Questions”

Vulnerability in Counseling: The Face of Courage

A few days ago my sweet sister gave me a book entitled Let Your Spirit Soar.  Inside, it holds a compilation of inspiring quotes from famous as well as anonymous writers.  Each page holds a gift as well as challenge to the reader-for example: to recognize the beauty and the blessing that is life, to embraceContinue reading “Vulnerability in Counseling: The Face of Courage”