Three Keys to Listening Well

Listening is loving. It is food for the soul and nourishment for relationships. Being heard and understood deeply has a powerful effect, enabling us to feel safe, cared for, loved, and empowered. However, listening well can be difficult.  This is becoming even more of a challenge in today’s society where a million distractions lay atContinue reading “Three Keys to Listening Well”

Healing & Uniting in Relationship: Three Keys to Constructive Communication

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” ~ Rollo May (late psychologist/psychotherapist) Communication is key in not only healing from wounds in relationship but also – as Rollo May states (above) – it is essential in truly understanding another person, being understood yourself, and cultivating intimacy and mutual respect together.Continue reading “Healing & Uniting in Relationship: Three Keys to Constructive Communication”

Throwing Paperclips: Relationship Conflict & Communication

Imagine that you and I are sitting in a room together – I on one side of the room and you on the other. Unexpectedly, I pull out a jar of paperclips and begin throwing them at you, one right after another…How would you respond? You have a few options: (a) run out of the roomContinue reading “Throwing Paperclips: Relationship Conflict & Communication”