Cultivating Presence & Love: What Dogs Teach Us About “Being”

Eight months ago my husband & I got a dog (Winston, pictured left), and amidst the process of potty training and curbing his desire for chewing corners of furniture, we found ourselves with a new best friend. Further, in my little journey of puppy parenting, there are these small moments – flashes of insight – in whichContinue reading “Cultivating Presence & Love: What Dogs Teach Us About “Being””

Growing & Becoming: A Resource for Reflection

Friends, In addition to continuing to share thoughts on topics related to mental wellness, personal growth, and therapy here, I am also excited to introduce an additional site for encouraging meaningful reflection. Growing & Becoming exists with the hope of engaging readers to “Find Solace. Connect with Meaning. Be Inspired.”  I created G&B six monthsContinue reading “Growing & Becoming: A Resource for Reflection”