Growing & Becoming: A Resource for Reflection



In addition to continuing to share thoughts on topics related to mental wellness, personal growth, and therapy here, I am also excited to introduce an additional site for encouraging meaningful reflection. Growing & Becoming exists with the hope of engaging readers to “Find Solace. Connect with Meaning. Be Inspired.”  I created G&B six months ago with the desire to share weekly bite-size helpings of wisdom related to the following topics:

Acceptance • Beauty • Bravery • Connection • Creativity • Curiosity • Discovery • Empathy • Empowerment • Fun • Growth • Healing • Humanity • Humor • Insight • Love • Resilience • Wholeness

This month we are excitedly welcoming on several new Contributors –  friends and fellow professional helpers – with a desire to creatively celebrate these important matters of the heart & soul. To learn more and meet our team, please feel free to visit us here.

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Thanks for reading. Learn more about Lydia Minear, MA, LAPC’s counseling practice @ East-West Psychotherapy Associates here.

4 thoughts on “Growing & Becoming: A Resource for Reflection

  1. I am really enjoying the posts and pictures on Growing and Becoming. Thank you for this new endeavor!
    Scott Emmons

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